ISU World Congress 2023, JAPAN @Tsukuba


Tsukuba International Congress Center is our venue for Stereo Theater, Trade Fair, Workshops and Meetings.


Stereo Theatre

Tsukuba International

Congress Center

Stereo Theatre

Hotel Nikko Tsukuba

We have a ball room for our stereo theater in Tsukuba International Congress Center, We'll enjoy stereoscopic 3D photos / videos on a 300 inch silver screen and dual HD projectors.

Trade Fair

The Trade Fair will take place on Saturday and Sunday in the same room as the stereo theater during which the projection is turned off.


The Workshops will take place on Sunday in a conference room in Tsukuba International Congress Center.


Hotel Nikko Tsukuba is our main hotel.

It takes about 8 minutes to get from the hotel to the venue on foot. Also, there are some other hotels in the area.


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